Welcome to SA Professional Group Of Companies

We are the Holding Company for several divisions. Although the holding company was formed in 2014 some of the divisions listed above have traded as far back as 2006 (Painting & Cleaning) and the others have followed with as demand developed for solutions in these areas (Building in 2012 and Tree Felling in 2013). Our areas of service & expertise include but are not limited to the following industries: Residential & Commercial Cleaning, Industrial & Residential Painting, Building Maintenance & Residential Building Projects, Tree Felling and Site Clearance & Demolishing.

History: For the first few years as the business grew the divisions operated as separate entities but in 2014 SAPGOC was registered to create a platform that could tap into the synergies and opportunities that were developing around the brand. The time seemed ripe to centralise IT, marketing and administration to permit the managing member to concentrate on sales, tenders and production.

Mission: To be a trusted and household name in the sectors we serve
To be a business where quality and endurance are the determinants of our success

Vision: To list SAPGOC on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to drive further growth into complementary industries.
To create employment opportunities and be an employer of choice for people in the services industry

What makes SAPGOC unique & stand out from the rest: Our company’s objective and business profile is predicated on sound business ethics with a zero-tolerance approach to service excellence – all of the time.

Certifications Held: CIDB – NHBRC (building division) – BEE Level 3 100% contributor.

Capacity Levels: Due to a large percentage of the business we transact being project based, workers in many instances are sourced on a contract for contract basis. Where contracts are medium to long term in nature it is our policy to employ permanent staff.

Insurance: All business projects are routinely assessed for risk and appropriate risk measures are put in place or topped up as circumstances may indicate.